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Great stuff!

Linsey (Elledeepee) 01/03/2015
I found your page and it's wonderful. Your work is beautifully presented and looks so professional. I couldn't see anywhere to get notifications or follow the site. Is it possible?

Your art/web site

Jeff Green 02/25/2012
You are very talented, Sonja. Very striking and impressive artwork indeed.

Art and website

Cathy Pascoe 02/24/2012
Your website is beautiful and so is your art work!


Laurie Knowley 08/17/2010
It was great meeting you at Craft Lake City this past weekend. Your work is absolutely beautiful. all my life i have wished i could draw...
thanks for supporting me, i hope you enjoy your tapestry piece!
take care, laurie knowley
Broadway Art & Salvage
Salt Lake City, Ut


Margaret 04/06/2010
Aunt Sonja thank you for the tour of your website! It's so cool.

Re: thanks!

Sonja 04/06/2010
Thanks for taking the tour with me, Margaret!!


Miyai 03/30/2010
Congrats on getting you website up! It looks great!

great site coming

dava dahlgran 03/04/2010
I can tell this will be great when completed- Your work is so good. dava

Your art

Kim Meichle 03/03/2010
I looks very nice. I wish I could see it in person.

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